Frequently Asked Questions


Why Hire Us?

Two reasons….because we know the estate sale business and we care about you and your family.   We don’t treat our customers like a number (unless it’s #1, of course!).   We understand what you’re going through and how hard it can sometimes be to part with your memories and family heirlooms, so we take our time and make sure you’re comfortable every step of the way.     

We’ve been selling antiques, collectibles (and everything but the kitchen sink!) for over 20 years in all venues from eBay to Facebook Marketplace…to your home.  We come fully insured and with enough experienced staff to ensure your sale is well organized and well attended.  

What Should I Do Prior To A Sale?

As soon as you think a sale might be what you need…STOP and call us now!  Don’t throw anything away!   I can’t stress the “ANYTHING” part of that sentence enough!    Let us assess your estate and let you know what needs to stay and what can safely be discarded.   Our customers are always surprised with “the little things” that are of value at a sale.    These items can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars….no kidding!      It takes approximately two weeks from Day One of setup until sale day so call us ASAP!

PLEASE NOTE:   We kindly ask that you remove everything from the home that the family would like to keep PRIOR to contacting us for an estimate.    If there are things that will need to stay just tag them with a Post It note letting us know they will not be a part of the sale.  We are basing your sale on everything we see on the day we visit. 

Will You Sell Everything?

“How much will sell?”   That’s a common question we’re asked and the answer is different for everyone.  Weather, attendance, quality of goods, etc. are all factors in what stays and what goes.  Rest assured, we’ll price everything fairly with an emphasis on moving it.  We won’t be undersold but we’re not overpriced either. 

What’s Included In Your Package?

What’s not included, I say! 

 We will bring in our tables and shelving units to arrange, display and price everything in your home with attention to detail, order and beauty!  We make it easy for our shoppers to find what they need and hopefully more of what they don’t need!    We are often complimented on the way our sales are arranged and we’re proud of it!   No junk in boxes where it’s hidden from view!  We protect your carpets and flooring with mats and protective coverings when needed.   

We take advantage of various social media sites (Facebook, etc.) as well as advertisements on, and our personal website.   We also send out emails to the hundreds of buyers who have signed up on our email list.    We put up signs throughout your neighborhood on sale days, at every entrance, to make sure the sale is highly visible. 

We pay you quickly!  Within seven days after the sale you will receive a statement of with the total amount sold as well as a check for your profits.  

We can also arrange for a clean-out service after the sale to remove all the unsold merchandise.   Just let us know if this is a service you may be interested in.  A clean out will leave your home in broom clean condition and ready for the realtor.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Sale?

We make it as easy as possible for everyone.    Our commission fee is 35%- 40% of the proceeds with a minimum commission fee based on the time involved with your sale.   There's a one-time $65 fee for advertising on  This covers everything listed above including the credit card fees, set-up and the staff working the sale.   Like I said…you get to sit back and let us do the work!  

How Does Pricing of The Merchandise Work?

We have over 20 years of experience selling antiques and collectibles via online venues (Proud eBay Power Seller since 1998 with over 9,800 positive feedback)…and a few more years under our belt with estate sales.   We know our stuff!   If we’re unsure of an items value we will call in someone who knows…at no cost to you.  (But we pretty much know everything…like a teenager!  HA!)

The majority of our sales are two days with the occasional one-day sale if your estate is small but mighty.   We sell your items at full price on Day One of the sale and then we discount on the remaining days.   It’s usually 50% on day two.  For larger estates we can offer 75% off on a third day if we think it’s warranted.

Do I Have To Be Present During Set-Up & On Sale Dates?

No…you don’t even have to be in the same state!   We have many out-of-state homeowners who ask us to handle everything for them and we’re happy to do it!    Although we take care of your home like it was ours we are also fully insured and bonded.   No worries….we’ll lock up and turn off the lights.  

Call us at 636-898-9103 or contact me at if you have any questions I haven’t covered.   You can also find us on Facebook